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Manassas Reckless Driving Attorney

Fighting Reckless Driving Charges in Northern Virginia

Virginia is a very strict state when it comes to reckless driving. In fact, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor. There are many variations of reckless driving charges, and a conviction can stay on your driving record for up to 11 years. The more serious reckless driving charges include:

  • Driving in excess of 80 mph
  • Racing
  • Driving 20 mph or more above the speed limit
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Passing on the crest of a hill or at a railroad crossing
  • Driving too fast for weather or road conditions
  • Driving in a way that endangers life, limb or property

Since reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor, if you are convicted, you could face a license suspension of up to 6 months, a jail sentence of up to 12 months, and a fine of up to $2,500. A conviction may add six demerit points to your driving record, which can cause your insurance company to greatly increase your car insurance rates.

A reckless driving conviction is no small matter. If you have been charged with one or more counts of reckless driving in Northern Virginia, contact the Law Office of Anthony H. Nourse, PLC right away. Call 703-659-2450 for an experienced defense against traffic violation charges in Prince William County, Loudon County, Arlington County or Fairfax County traffic courts. Se Habla Espanol. We make jail visits..

Your Defense at Every Step of the Process

With more than a decade of defense experience, attorney Anthony H. Nourse knows the local criminal justice system well. He is in court on a regular basis, providing a strong defense for clients facing charges for traffic violations ranging from first-time DUI or driving on a suspended license to hit and run.

What Happens in a Reckless Driving Case

When a law enforcement officer cites you for a reckless driving violation, he or she will issue you a summons (ticket) or, for some offenses, take you into custody. When deciding how they will handle your case, the prosecutor will look at your driving record: the better your driving record, the better your chances of a good offer.

Mr. Nourse does not just “plead out” a traffic violation. He understands the dramatic impact that loss of a driver’s license can have on work, school and home life. He will investigate the case to see if your actions rose to the level of “reckless driving.” If they do not, he will argue that charges against you should be lowered or dropped.

In addition, attorney Anthony H. Nourse has the experience needed to properly evaluate any “plea deal” made by the prosecution. He will advise you regarding any reasons to accept or reject the deal, or whether to insist on taking your case to trial.

Contact the Law Office of Anthony H. Nourse, PLC to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our Fairfax office is located across the street from the Fairfax County Courthouse and Our Manassas office is located across the street from the Prince William Courthouse. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We represent clients in Northern Virginia, including communities such as Manassas, Woodbridge, Centerville, Clifton, Springfield, Arlington, and Alexandria.

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